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Sicily with its position in the heart of the Mediterranean has long been a place where different cultures meet and civilizations flourish.
All the neighboring populations have passed through Sicily sooner or later: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French, Spaniards, Italians (Yes! , they too were invaders ..). Even Americans invaded recently during the Second World War. Trueful to her history Sicily is today home to many immigrants from North Africa, Albania, Romania and other countries. Since European Union a few North Europeans are relocating here.

Sicily is slowly becoming the California of USA.

What attracts people here is the beautiful weather, the friendliness of the Sicilians, the excellent food, the natural beauty, the architectural buildings ranging from the baroque churches to the Greek temples. Few know that there are more Greek temples here in Sicily than in Greece. Evidently the ancient Greeks who left a mountainous land like Greece have chosen something better: Sicily! Even today, their genes survive in some of today’s Sicilians. This site is here to help you plan your vacation in Sicily and not to bore you with the history of Sicily. If you are interested in archeology in Sicily you may want to stay here forever. Sicily is a big Islands surrounded of many minor islands. So be warned: If you come for a week you won’t be able to visit it all. And we are not even considering the smaller islands of Sicily. This site aims to help you discover niches not exploited by mass tourism in

Want to Visit Sicily? Start exploring the Southern East tip of the Baroque Sicily Ragusa Ibla and the Riviera

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