Visit “Sagre” Sagre are a special food festival event normally annually that promotes local produce. A good occasion to taste excellent local food, mix with locals and have a real feel lof the place.

Visit Religious Festivals:

Dependending on the time of the year of your visit there are many traditional Cristian Festivals. EG Ragusa you can see Saint George on his horse gallopping true the two cities to visit fellow Saints at their churches; or more important Saint Rosalia in Palermo touring the city followed by a river of worshippers. Spectacular the Madonna having a spin in a boat followed by a procession of smaller boats. Ask around for the best locally. Fireworks in Sicily are impressive. And normally they conclude the festivals.


Palio dei Normanni in Piazza Armerina is impressive: You will find yourself immersed in what looks like a Games of Thrones Set. Similar one, perhaps smaller in scale happens in Modica.

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Visit Archeological Sites:

There are all over Sicily and of different ancient eras.

Just to name a few Siracuse with its Greek Theater, The Agrigento Valley with all its Magnificent Temples.  Piazza Armerina wih its ancient Villa.

Visit local museums there are hundreds for example the “Museo delle marionette” (Museum of puppets) if you are in Palermo if you are with Kids. Or Folk Museums like the one in Chiaramonte Gulfi that make you see you life happened some time ago.

Food : In Sicily food is excellent anywhere. Some restaurants specialise in fish more in costal areas.

Here we reccommend a visit to Agriturismo:

Agriturismos are normally farm-restaurants where food served if prepared with the majority of ingredients grown in house. Normally there is a fixed price and an huge amount of food and wine included. Some of them have rooms too. If you tour Sicily you should definitevely try them. Ideal if you want to spend time in the countryside. We have a selection on our accomodation page

Pasticcerie: Patisseries or Sweet Houses: Sicily has experienced different cultures from Arabs to the French to the Spanish Conquistadores that brought the first chocolate from the new world. To this in addition many returning Sicilian Emigrants in recent times have all brought new culinary ideas. Find the best pasticceria in your local area. Some have also tables and you cna enjoy their products with coofee.  Sicilian Cannolo is not to be missed. As feautured in the Padrino movie with ricotta or the Cassata Siciliana these two are two classic Sicilian sweets. Find the best ones near you. Unique in its style is Pasticceria Buonaiuto in Modica.

Visit the sea: This is the main activity of the Sicilian in summer months. You can also take a walk in Riserve Naturali like Vendicari, San Vito lo Capo with their specatular sights. There are many more around Sicily. Magic word: “Riserve Naturali” these are protected areas where you can walk and see the wildlife. Find the ones close to you.