Ragusa is situated in the south eastern tip of Sicily facing Malta.

Has excellent and diverse scenic views ranging from fields with ancient stone walls that contain cows and sometimes horses to a fantastic sea riviera.

Major Baroque Cities
After the 1693 earthquake that destroyed many Sicilian cities the survivors Sicilian that at the time where wealthy decided to rebuild from scratch. All at the same time using the best architects of the time. Most families where quiet wealth at time thanks to many factors not last the riches of the new found land of America… remember the conquistadors? They brought back many things including gold and… chocolate then an absolutely novelty. You can still try the original ancient recipe of South American chocolate in some places like Modica
Anyway they rebuild. All together at the same time. No expenses spared. The result was amazing and still survives today. Here following a brief panoramic of the Sicilian Baroque Cities where you can still see these marvels.

Modica lays about 15 km from Ragusa. It has a glorious past that can still be seen in its aristocratic buildings. There was a time when Modica was the capital a big county taking about a third of all island extending from Siracusa till Agrigento. Were times when noble men where protecting the costs from pirates incursions, Barbary corsairs, Ottoman spies and were always ready to fight. Here were the Grimaldi among others noble defenders. Deciding international politics and going to fight as far as Crete, Lepanto or the under the door step Malta.More about Modica here.The earthquake stroke some cities more than others. For example Scicli was entirely rebuild. City centre is incredible. An high concentration of baroque palaces some stone paved roads remind us of the glory of their past inhabitants. An interesting example is Palazzo Beneventano that displays Moors Heads as exterior decoration perhaps to warn off potentials adversaries. To not be missed the Viirgin Mary riding an horse sword in hand to fight off saracen invaders. Thats right here Mary mother of Christ is a warrior women. A precursor of the “Shield Maiden” All the Baroque area churches are decorated with warrior Saints riding horses and slaughtering moors; many many councils ago the church here used to be different. Anyway too much chat for Scicli. More info on Scicli here.

Ragusa Sea Riviera (Iblean Riviera)

Beaches are often of a thin desert like sand and the wind in some places draws some small duNes. The main centre on the sea is Marina di Ragusa that has the bigger offer of beaches with services for tourists like Lidos on the Beach with sun beds, bar, toilettes, music etc. This is ideal for families with young children where they cam relax on the sun. Often (Almost everywhere in summer) there is a lifeguard making even easier to relax.
Marina di Ragusa is well provided of Supermarkets and many shops of a small size town. More on Marina di Ragusa here.
Riviera views are fantastic: That is so true that world famous TV series Montalbano was shoot almost entirely in the Ragusa Province.
Following the cost on the east we Find Donnalucata, originally a Fishers man Village today one of tourists favourite because of its natural ancient look. And glorious sandy beaches with dunes in some places. More about Donnalucata here
Continuing East we meet the small village of Cava d’aliga continuing the virew becomes impressive with big Agaves and small palms, till arriving in Sampieri.
Sampieri is a small village like Donnalucata of fisher mans. Has good beaches and a superb view of the gulf in front. More about Sampieri here.
Continuing East we meet Marina di Modica: a modern sea city of originally holidays homes of inhabitants of the Nearby Modica that lays few kilometres inland. Beaches are great. In summer services are active and it is quite likely. Recommended and Ice cream from Marcello; just ask around.
Continuing our riviera tour east we meet Marina d’Ispica. Here there are some big residences, some very sea the beach. Here sandy dunes are impressive and tall.
Continuing east we arrive e in Pozzallo. Is a city populated all year around and in the summer has an addiction of tourists. Eating fish here is a must. Read our recommendations. From Pozzallo there is a catamaran link to Malta: the crossing takes about one hour and half. Night life in Pozzallo is quite active. More about Pozzallo here. Driving farther east following the sea we enter in Siracuses territory. Don’t forget a stop at Vendicari….

Well this riviera tour started from Marina di Ragusa going east. And what going west? Well the area has been quite developed in the last 40 or so years with a few km of holidays houses till arriving in the now famous Punta Secca. Recently acquired notoriety thanks to the TV series Montalbano, here was his house with terrace on the sea. You can still view for free from the road; actually if you fancy you can even rent it for your holiday in case is available here. More About Puntasecca Here.

Going further West following the sea there is Kamarina a remarkable Ancient Greek village and today the spot of a Museum that you can visit. No booking necessary.
Driving further the riviera Iblean you will meet Scoglitti. Again great beaches services in the summer. This is a small town where some people live all year around and majority of houses are holiday homes of the Nearby Citizens of Vittoria. More about Scoglitti Area here.

Mountain Towns Around Ragusa of Chiaramonte, Monterosso e Giarratana.

This distinguish themselves for being very quiet.

We will speak about them one by one.

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