Flights & Airport(s)

Flights & Airport(s)

Venice is served from San Marco Airport (VCE). Some carriers use the nearby Treviso (TSF) Airport.
If you need to book a flight you can use our convenient panel below, it will return all possible flights. Directions on how to arrive to Venice are below

From Marco Polo Airport to Venice you have a choice of taking a bus or start your adventure by taking the pubblic service Boat costs about 15 Euro. You can also hire a water taxi but it won’t be cheap. To reach the boat service and the water taxi (their offices are attached) you will have to walk abut 10 minutes indoor.

From Treviso Airport there are bus services

Depending where your hotel is the best solution may be the water boat (cost Euro 15 + 1 if bought aboard)  as it has many stops on the Canale and it can be close to your hotel.

Choice of accommodation is very important mostly if you:

1) Have an early flight back: You don’t want to loose it making it an expensive mistake.

2) Have a trolley to carry around: Venice has loads of bridges and steps, maze like narrow alleys and gps sometimes doesn’t work driving you crazy.

Make sure you read our  choice an hotel easy to reach.