🚢REACH🚗 ✈️ 🚂

🚢REACH🚗 ✈️ 🚂

In this page we talk of all possible ways to enter Venice, be it via airplane, via train, car or by ferry or cruise Ship.


The most common way to reach Venice from abroad is by airplane. You can travel by train if you prefer using Venice Santa Lucia train station. By car you have to leave your car outside Venice


Venice is served by the exellent Marco Polo Airport. Some other low cost carrier use the nearby Treviso airport. To find your flight head to a flight comparison site

From Marco Polo Airport to Venice you have a choice of taking a bus or start your adventure by taking the pubblic service Boat costs about 15 Euro. You can also hire a water taxi but it won’t be cheap. To reach the boat service and the water taxi (their offices are attached) you will have to walk abut 10 minutes indoor.

From Treviso Airport there are bus services

Depending where your hotel is the best solution may be the water boat (cost Euro 15 + 1 if bought aboard)  as it has many stops on the Canale and it can be close to your hotel. See our page to choice an hotel easy to reach.




The very convenient Venice Santa Lucia train station is perhaps the most common point of entry for visitors. Train will leave you just outside a Bridge and depending on your destination you may have to walk or take a Water Bus “Vaporetto” as are called locally. Walking is extrely pleasant, maximum distance may be 40-50 minutes; it become less nice if you have trolleys with you with all bridges steps etc. So may consider continuing your trip by a water bus (Vaporetto That will take as close as possible to your accomodation. In this site we made a page to help you find an easy to reach Accomodation.

A way to start your trip to Venice in style can be with the Orient Express with trips leaving from London and Paris. Costs are similar to a cruise.

Orient Express Belmond Train

Travel from London or Paris in Style “Orient Express” with Railbookers


Venice is a car free environment and you will have to leave to leave your car outside see your page Parking in Venice



Cruise ships and Ferries from Greece dock just outside Venice and there is no more trilling way to enter Venice. Venetians hate it: Behind the glass of your boat you see unfold an incredible scenary right in the heart of Venice.  For Cruise to Venice

 You can arrive by ferry from Greece and Croazia. In these Ferries you can bring your car. Most Ferries have comforts similar to a Cruise ship with pool, Cinema entertainment. You can check routes and prices at our partner



Once at Venice Train Station or Airport a convenient way to go to Central Venice can be via water buses called here “Vaporetto”.