Venice flooding & impact on holidays

Venice flooding & impact on holidays

There has never been a better time to visit Venice: After November 2019 Venice Media exposure as flooded city less people want to visit. Prices are down and crowd too!

In November 2019 there were some days of flooding in Venice, Acqua Alta as Italians call it, that caused great damage to privates as to historic buildings. Images of flooded Venice were broadcast around the word and this had the side effect of bringing loads of bookings cancellations to Hotels as Venice is perceived unsafe or even still flooded.

Venice flood

Well this is absolutely unmotivated: Venetians cleared all the mess in the next three four days of the big flooding and has always been open for business. Acqua Alta flooding is something Venetians are used to deal with and the November 2019 event is most probably unique as water rise to record level for the past 40 or so years. Periodical floods of 10-20 cm of water occur periodically and always occurred and the city of Venice is perfectly equipped to cope with: there are some “passerella” that is a removable risen walking past that permits Venetians and visitors alike to walk keeping their feet dry. Normally Acqua Alta gives value to the holidays with great pictures of unusual places covered in water, adding to the fable atmosphere. But is totally safe.

Venice and water
Flood Venice Holiday makers

However mistery of market there have been many cancellations, city is unusually quiet at time of writing and prices have fallen.

So get yourself an holiday in Venice now: you will enjoy great prices and less tourist congestion in the city!